Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ah sure why not!

Dear Internet,

I have decided to revisit this lovely spot that I have in the hopes of finally developing some sort of habit of positing.

My ideas have been good, I have sometime sparks for genius that are filled with insight and plenty of humour and yet I still managed to avoid posting it here. If you haven’t already noticed I’m rather humble too!

I haven’t always had it easy and I made some big changes and taken some risks and all these things should be interesting so here it goes, another attempt (possibly my 8 billionth…. But what the hell)

My plan of action and promise to myself and anyone who stumbles upon this blog and says – who is that charming individual, I just need to know every pointless little thing she thinks of and writes about?! I’m going to try and commit again.

I will write, I will post funny stories and pictures. I will write about more than my cat (although he is fantastic and tend to write about him more than my husband but the husband never reads this so he doesn’t know the cat is funnier). I will make a difference. I will write three times per week and they may not all by great, funny posts but the will be real and honest and me.

For some reason I now feel like standing up from my desk and taking a bow.


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