Friday, 23 March 2007

Derek is willing to eat what?!!

I honestly wish I had the chance to take photos cause really no one is ever going to believe me but last night I was in the mood for some Japanese so I convinced Derek to come with me to this great restaurant in Dublin called Aya.
Aya is a fantastic place, it has a conveyor belt sushi bar and you pay per plate of what you take off. I love it. just the complete difference of eating there and at any other basically boring restaurant.
Anyhow, we had to wait for a few minutes for a spot at the bar and I took the time to prepare Derek for the experience. They server chicken and sesame beef and noodles so he had loads to choose from and I could pick what I wanted ie. raw fish off the belt as well. Perfect and so by the time our spot was ready Derek knew exactly what to do.
And he was up for the challenge, from the fine attempt at eating everything with his chopsticks to his openness to everything passing by him on the bar, the next thing I knew he had a sushi roll in his mouth. The very proud look on his face was crushed when I told him what he at was chicken, but he believe he was at a point of no return so when I picked a plate of sashimi salmon off the belt who was the first to dig in, Derek! Honestly, good for him, her tried and tied again but at the end of the night admitted that it wasn't somewhere he'd ask to come back too but if, in a few moths, I wanted to come he wouldn't refuse.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

My First Post, the promise.

I always think to myself that I want and need to start a blog, that there are in fact people who would like to know what's going on in my life and what I'm up to, that there are people who would actually READ what I think and do. So I think to myself, self, one of these days you;re going to need to start a blog why don't you just get it over and done with.
Well, like writing in a diary when I was a kid I just KNOW that I'm not going to keep it up. So here's my promise, I really really REALLY want to keep this up and to blog and post and babble on about really nothing but random things so if you read this and you think to yourself, hey wonder what Alison has been up to and there's no new posts common please give me that kick in the pants that I'm requesting and deserve to get back on track and post.
The other reason that I've always put off starting a blog is that I figured I'd wait until there was something really exciting going on in my life that perhaps people would want to read about and that I would want to write about. I have come to realize that that never happens and when something exciting does in fact happen I'm much to busy and excited to be thinking about the exciting thing that's happening than to post on a blog and so I miss my chance.
Here's what's exciting, I'm thirty years old. OLD old OLD!!! ah but as they say here in Ireland, I'm in good form and I'm happy and in a good place and what more could you ask for?! So that's my exciting and appealing thing that's happening in my life. Plus I have some pretty exciting things coming up in my life:
1) The apartment should be completely finished soon, like in the next few weeks.
2) This weekend I'm having the big party to celebrate my 30th Birthday.
4) I'm going to Paris in April for Easter Weekend for my birthday present from Derek.
5) Michael (Derek's brother) and Niamh (my bestest Irish girlfriend) are getting married on May 5th.
6) My Parents are coming for the wedding and a vacation.
7) We're all going to Cork and Kerry for holidays after the wedding.
8) In June Natalie the RCMP officer is set to vacation here.
9) In august we're going to Canada for my Cousin's Wedding
10) We're going Camping in Canada
11) We're going to Niagara Falls

Now see doesn't that all sound exciting? And see if I fall off the wagon I expect someone out there would like to hear about the above!
Anyhow, enough for now.
Talk later.

Monday, 15 January 2007

Umbrella Etiquette & Weather Changes

So you're going to Ireland... and you’re wondering what do you need to bring, what are you necessities. There are three things you need to bring to Ireland, spring summer fall or winter you may need them or not but you'll fit right in as long as you have:

1) A pair of sunglasses
2) An umbrella
3) A wool coat.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘I’m going to be there in the middle of the summer, what do I need a wool coat for?!’

My answer is simple: I have no idea, but lemme tell you, it’ll be the hottest day of the year and the middle of summer and you can bet that you’ll see someone out there in a wool coat.

Here it rains, it’s sunny, cloudy, and partly cloudy and that’s all in one day. And then? once and a while if you’re lucky (lucky means you’re somewhere safe) it hails.