Friday, 12 August 2011

Fancy meeting you here....

Hello Internet, it’s lovely to see you two days in a row!!

So I was having a look at what I was thinking when I last updated this blog, before yesterday’s revelation of course! And my first thought was January 2010 – where have you been?! Second, was I am not a good sick person and third, I have so very much to talk about.

Plenty has happened sing January 2010, other than months and months of time there have been milestones, big ones! So the good news is that I should have plenty to ramble on about other than my somewhat mildly exciting existence but just to tease you how about….. Weddings (I was married in June 2010) a cruise!! (June 2011 postponed honeymoon) and I’m going to be an Aunt (babies are arriving this fall!!)

Anyhow, it’s time to start my day and to decide which if the above great event should be discussed first, I should probably get it all up here in the next few weeks as we’re off on yet another exciting cruise 3 weeks today so I have a deadline and I do better with a deadline (also with threats but you’re far too nice and understanding for that Internet!)

I bid you farewell for new, I have a job to do!


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