Monday, 15 August 2011

"Tell me why, I don't like Mondays"

Dear Internet,

I’d like to wish you a happy Monday, I’d live even more to tell you that it’s a great day and I’m in great from and that everything is, well, great. But honestly it is sunny and nice outside but I just want to go back to bed. But enough of my moaning, instead I’ll try and look on the bright side of something or just lie and make something up – lie – who me? Oh, Internet you know me so well!

I actually don’t mind Mondays that much, it’s the Tuesdays that I really dislike. I do find that Mondays aren’t too bad as you should be well rested from the weekend and have something nice left over for lunch! And that sentence right there says a whole lot about me, I like to eat and sleep. Wow, just look at the honestly now!

This weekend was odd; there was drinking, movies, eating and trip to a police station and a dentist appointment. See how exciting was that and the best part is I can’t really elaborate on the police part but if you want to know about the movie (Return of the Planet of the Apes) or drinking (Ginger Donkeys) or eating (M&S 2 Can Dine) or the dentist (Husband’s set 3 of 4 in his root canal) then just let me know! And to think I did all of that on Saturday as yesterday I slept all day, except when I ventured out of bed and to the couch for food only to promptly return to bed and to sleep.

Alright, that’s all for now, will be back later!

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