Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Back to School

Dear Internet,

It’s back to school time here in Ireland, now I know you never went to school – you were just created as the smartest thing in the world with knowledge of anything and everything but for us regular folk school is important.

I was heading to work last Thursday when at the train station there was a mother and her son at the till. She had bought him a return ticket for work that day and was asking what he would need the following week. She looked unsure and nervous, he looked terrified!

He was dressed in a brand new school uniform, perfectly pressed trousers and clutching a new school bag full with books.

Later on the train he happened to sit in from of me, still looking as panicked as ever and looking around frantically at each stop for someone he might know or in the same new uniform. He reminded me so much of first days of school and the memories that I took a sneaky photo of him.

Good luck to all the new kids off to school this week, it will change your life. Stay calm, embrace the new experience and enjoy!


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