Monday, 22 August 2011

The secret is out....

Dear Internet,

Well I'm going to be an Aunt. Not that has been no secret, I've known since January when we were all called to a meeting at my parents-in-laws and the fantastic news was announced. I'm delighted for Michael and Niamh as I know they have wanted kids for a while and they will be great parents.

The secret was the Baby Shower that I was having for Niamh yesterday. Now, I guess the main thing is that Baby Showers are relatively unheard of in Ireland. But I think they're a nice touch and as they big in America they're starting to catch on over here but I don't think any of the invitees had been to a Baby Shower before or really only a few. But I figured if I (the Canadian - shock and horror) had a shower, all would come and they would be just like - ah well, bless the Canadian, she doesn't know any better and Niamh gets a party and gifts!

Plus I thought this might make up for the fact that on Niamh;'s due date we're heading off on a cruise holiday - now don't go thinking that as soon as we heard we went and booked to be away, the holiday was booked before we found out (yes way back in January). So as Niamh has said, she she's pushing the baby out, we'll be pushing off on a lovely cruise. I don't think we'll miss much, the likelihood of her give birth bang on that date is slim and you aren't allowed to visit in hospital so we might get home right on time!

Anyhow, my thoughts are if this is going to be the first baby shower these Irish have seen I better make it good, step one - diaper cake:

And boy were they impressed! I have a new calling in life as if anyone in Ireland wants one a show-stopper at their Baby Shower just give me a call.

Anyhow, you don't need all the details of the day, just know it was a success. She was surprised, delighted and the center of attentions which was the plan.

Now, if anyone is looking for a similar event, Just call. I do cupcakes and salads as well!


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