Thursday, 8 September 2011

Vacation day 7 - relaxing at sea

**As I am away on holidays, this post has been written in advance**

And so my favourite day of cruising arrives, the day at sea.

The only down side to this cruise is that there is only 1 day at sea where normally they have 2. There are good things and bad things about sea days but I always think the good outweighs the bad.

The bad is really that the ship can be quite full, especially around the pool. On days at port many of the passengers get off to look around and although the pool can get busy near the end of the day during the hottest times it’s usually comparable with plenty of seating and no trouble to find a spot if you’re lucky in the adult only solarium section. However when you have all 3,500 plus passengers on the ship and looking for a spot by the pool at the same time it can become a little more tricky, which is when we head up alllllll the way to the top crowns nest for unobstructed sun and normally somewhere to  lie back and relax. You can forget about the solarium, unless you’re there at 8 am the best seats are gone.

The good part is that sea days have way more to do on board, if it’s sadly not sunny there’s onboard bingo! Plus the dining room is open at lunch time and I SO much more perfect the dining room than the Windjammer. Although you can’t really fault the food on the ship!

Also I like the buzz on the ship on sea days, the shops and casino are open all day and the bars are staffed from around lunchtime. It’s just a nice feeling – oh and you can go ice skating!!!

I’ll be looking forward to this day all week.

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