Sunday, 4 September 2011

Vacation Day 3

`**As I am away on holidays, this post has been written in advance**

Hello from a (hopefully) sunny and hot Koper, Slovenia.

Although at times I don’t get off the ship (I like to hide when we come to port by the pool) this is one of the stops where I plan to disembark and check the place out.

This is what I know about Koper:
  • It’s bilingual – Slovene and Italian! (I know neither!!)
  • There are no beaches so it will be seeing the city here!
  • Da Pointe fountain is something to see..
  • Bell tower (this better not be as thrilling as the one we waiting around so see in Sicily!) But you can clim this one!
  • Koper is an island, linked to the mainland! And it used to be called Goats Island
  • It has a majestic appearance!

Sounds like something to see, a stroll is in order!

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