Friday, 2 September 2011

Vacation day 1

Dear Internet,

This is a live post, my posts over the next few days have been written in advanced and narrate where we are on our trip. We're off on an Adriatic cruise out of Venice on the Voyager of the Seas with Royal Caribbean.

This will be our second cruise in 2 months - we seem to be a bit addicted. But sure there's worst things you can be addicted to.

Anyhow yesterday at 4:45 I skipped out of work off for a full 6 days, it's great to be away - even today, although I don't really have anything to do it's a luxury to get up change the bed, put on a load of laundry and make myself a cup of tea and settle here to type to you - on my new MacBook!

I could get used to this. I often think we, and I included, work too hard and don't take the time to stop, sit and think about what's going on in life, feelings and reassess things. It's nice to take the time every now and then to re-aligne myself. Today I'm doing that.

Derek is off at work and the apartment is clean, bags are packed and I only have a few more things to do before we head off this evening. I am finally starting to feel in the holiday spirit and I know I'll feel like I have a day off when Dr. Phil comes on - my little luxury.

Anyhow, I'm not going to spend too long sitting here typing to you, I'm off to read the internet, see what's going in the world and do the things that I want.

Internet, I hope you do something for yourself today too.


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