Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Vacation Day 6

**As I am away on holidays, this post has been written in advance**

And so we arrive in Dubrovnik, I have been looking forward to visiting here, in fact when we were booking our holidays for June I looked into visiting Dubrovnik however the flights were too complicated and we were looking for a lazy way to get from point a to point b….

At least I can promise that we will be getting off the ship today!

I have done my research and the port where we are arriving is a short ride away from the walled city which is worth a visit. The ship will charge 20 USD each for bus transfers to the city but a taxi will cost only €20 each way and you can come and go as you like – lazy wins every time!

I hope to take many photos here – although will need to see about my camera as it has been missing since the wedding and I suspect stolen at some point but just don’t know where are when or by whom.

This is our last stop before arriving back at Venice port on Friday. I’m going to make it worth my while – I probably should have had some money exchanged!

Hindsight is 20/20…

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