Friday, 28 November 2008

Ticking as many boxes as possible

As the year is coming to an end really soon, I am rushing to take care of all the little things that I have been putting off over the last few months…. Ok in some cases years!

First, my learners permit. Can I just say how much it sucks to be doing this whole driving thing all over again? I mean I got my drivers license back home when I was 17… it was actually in the month of November as well! Anyhow, when I moved over here I has to start from scratch and get my learners and then apply for my full license. Now I can’t go showing off and shouting with glee that I have my full permit yet, that’s the next step… in 25 million years at this rate! But I did pass my theory test back in June 2007 and have been carrying around the piece of paper that says I passed since then. Finally this week I filled out the necessary papers, had my (terrible) photo taken and had an eye exam and Derek went and handed everything in for me. Watch this space, I’ll take a photo of them massive piece of paper when it arrives!

Second, an eye test. Ok, this is mostly because I had to get a visiting test by an Optometrist in order to get my license but I still went and had the test and go new glasses. So far I’m not too keen on them. One of them I tolerate, the second I think looks really geeky. Now I would gladly photograph my (not so) lovely face wearing my new glasses but I have what can only be described as a massive pimple on my face, right splat in the middle of my left cheek so you’ll me waiting a little while before you get to see that!

Third, the dentist trip. Due to a recent fascination and unhealthy obsession with popcorn I have lost a filling. It was inevitable as it feel like I was eating it daily… probably more like once a week. Popcorn is the only food that we let the cat partake in. The three of us (Derek, the cat and I) all enjoy a bit of popcorn now and then and the cat does behave himself and sees it as a total treat. Anyhow, the filling has been lost and all I now want to do is shove my tongue as hard as possible up into the now exposed and easily accessible inside of the tooth. I need a good distraction. Thankfully I have an appointment for Thursday morning first thing to get a cleaning and replace the filling.

Fourth, water bottle discipline. I located and purchased a water bottle this week and the cat has just about lost interest in jumping up on the counter, probably because I have a pretty good aim and he’s not a fan of getting hit with a rapid stream of water. The first time it happened he flew off the counter with a look like ‘What the hell!’ and hid under the table for a little while. Last night we were down to one jump up and the rest of the time it was peace and quiet.

My poor mother, this is the kind of things she like to bring up on her weekly phone chats, when are you doing this and what are you waiting for on that!

She’s going to hate me for saying that!

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