Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Christmas Season is well underway…

So I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping, actually I’ve been finished mine since around the first weekend in November… but I covered that in my last blog, so on to new things…

Derek and I were out in Dublin on Thursday finishing up a few bits and bobs and that sort and over dinner afterwards Derek asked if I preferred a surprise or something to look forward too.

Immediately my mind went into jumping around to every possible scenario, something that can make surprises a lot less fun. I figured maybe he was fishing for Christmas gift ideas and the possibility of a trip somewhere (although we have all of our Vacation days for next year pretty much all planned away now!!) and figured that I liked a surprise much more than something to look forward to. So that was my response and it was left at that.

When he came home from work on Friday he sat down and announced his surprise… Derek booked tickets to Montreal for Christmas! Now, you don’t know all about the wheeling and dealings of our daily lives together however one of the things we’ve been unable to work out is how to spend the big days of the holiday season together.

It was one of the stipulations that I put on the deal of me moving over here to Ireland that I would get to spend Christmas back home in Montreal where there was snow and family and the traditions that I follow. Also you should know that I love Christmas, and love everything about it in Montreal. However with Derek’s job in retail he is forbidden to take vacation days over the months of December and January and therefore cannot ever make the trip… until now.

The little sneak!!! You see Derek; back in July worked out that Christmas fell on the perfect days this year to allow him to make the trip from Dublin, via Paris (So far so good with Air France at Christmas and no lost bags!!!) to Montreal on Christmas eve and then return with me on the 28th to be back at work in time for the 30th with just the holiday days and his 2 days off per week… the little genius!

So for me this is great news, although I now have this fear that perhaps I have talked up Christmas a little too much and that Derek will have all of these high expectations of the season… I suppose that as long as there’s a good dumping of snow he’ll be happy he came!

My family on the other hand is thrilled, in particular my mother. This year has not been the best and with the death of my Grammie in May I think part of us all were dreading Christmas Day, she was a big part of the holiday, and for the last few years it has just been the four of us plus her to celebrate, as there was going to be an obvious missing member this year I think my mother in particular was having a hard time getting into the holiday season, with Derek’s news on the weekend my mother kicked the season into high gear, she had something to look forward to, something different on the day and went Christmas shopping on Sunday and bought her first three gifts… all for Derek!

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