Sunday, 9 April 2006

Mom and Dad's Visit

Well, kinda sad that I don’t have more photos of when my mom and dad came to visit, I know my mom took loads but her camera is all the way in Canada now. We did have a lovely time with my mom and dad here, I think they really enjoyed themselves. They did the tourist thing, sightseeing and all that and Derek and I enjoyed seeing some of the sights with them. We had some good laughs, way too much drinking (Derek and my Dad and their pub crawls home!!!) and I think my mom and dad finally got to know Derek as they’ve really only met he a few times. My Parents also had a bit of a Meet the Parents/Meet the Faukers as We has dinner with Derek’s family and there has been an exchange of e-mail addresses so I don’t think anything we do anymore will be kept quiet as I’m sure there will be some reporting back to one another!
Overall it was a good week and I’ll be sure to update this with more photos when I get them off my mom!

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