Sunday, 5 February 2006

Just a quick hello

Hello, and greeting finally from Ireland.
I was waiting to make sure that my first update from here was going to be shocking, exciting and just about unbelievable. And although there have been little things that have both puzzled and confused me, it’s been about a month since I got here and I kept putting off the update but this morning it happened. It was finally the perfect opportunity to show you just how different Dublin is from Montreal… actually from just about anywhere I’ve ever been before, I woke up to it being the first Sunday of the month. Now I should tell you that where we live is a large complex of 5 buildings, each with around 90 apartments in each. And outside the complex this morning were horses. Lots and lots of horses. It seem that traditionally this Sunday is the day that they sell and trade horses of all sizes outside the apartment complex. It was both confusing, exciting and honestly I was shocked. The perfect time to post and show you just how different it can get here. Now although I only got a few pictures, I couldn’t capture the smell, or the experience of Derek and I checking the underside of our shoes in the elevator before going into the apartment. Nevertheless, things here are exciting and I hope to post more photos soon, I’ll try to get off my butt and clean the apartment and take some photos of that. Hope everyone is well, talk to you all soon. Love Me.

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