Monday, 1 July 2013

My how life changes…

How in the world did I think when pregnant that I would have more time free to update a blog? Honestly I can barely remember the first few weeks when Andrew was born and pretty much slept through the last few months of my pregnancy.

Since then things have certainly changed. It really wasn't easy at the beginning. It was hard honestly and lonely and I remember trying to get everything done and try and do it right and spending so much time on my own. Then my mom arrived and it was a bit better, at least I had the company during the day and someone to help with the bits so I could catch up on sleep.

Looking back now I can see it all a lot more clearly and I know I was probably asking too much of myself and the pressure wasn't making things better.

But now life is better, the little boy is a joy. This all changed just after Christmas when the clock was ticking on my return to work and I wanted him to be sleeping well, in a strict routine and I figured he would handle day care better and I could handle the return to work better.

No one can ever explain what it’s like to have a kid and how life changes. I can hardly remember the days before he was here – where did we spend all that money each month and what did we do with all that free time?!! God knows because now, it’s all about him – as it should be.

And we love it that way.

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