Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I'd like to say I haven't been posting here lately because it's been quite and nothing to report but the truth is it's been a bit crazy busy followed by a slump where you do nothing and then busyness returns!

I am excited about the holidays, less than two weeks to go and I'm home! But I feel like I have so much to do before then so that makes me feel rushed!

This week I have the AGM for the complex where I live on Wednesday, I expect that to be a late night with the heat up on full and will need to bring lots of Gatorade and snacks to last the night! On Thursday my friend Lar is supposed to be coming over so must prepare for that by having a clean apartment when mine is a total disaster! - why is it that getting a cat caused complete and utter chaos in my neat and clean lifestyle?! So now cleaning takes a little longer as the place always looks a little messier. Then it's the weekend where I plan (ooo love a plan) to get ready for the trip!

I have been working up to this by getting all the laundry finished and then not wearing my best clothes... this leads to me inevitably going to work for the next week and a half looking like a mismatched hobo sometimes but I'll look great in Montreal!!

Regardless, the apartment will need a good clean before I leave because that way I can expect to return to it looking just as nice! Take that Derek!!! But I tried that last time we went away and returned to muddy footprints from the cat all over everything... and I mean EVERYTHING! But sure I'll give it a go!

Any way you look at it the holidays are coming and soon and mostly that makes me feel all warm inside, now all I have to do is remember to bring in my favorite Christmas album into work and it will be perfect!

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