Thursday, 7 August 2008

Introducing Sir Arthur Guinness...

And the latest edition to our family is black and white and completely terrified of his new home.

Derek went and picked up the kitten this afternoon and he promptly hid under the dresser in the bedroom. We found him at an Animal Rescue shelter in Wicklow called ASH.

We went there on Sunday looking for a cat, I wasnted to avoid a kitten to save our furniture as much as possible and because I wasnted to give a cat a chance at getting adpoted, everyone wants a kitten!! But not I. After Hobbes death I'm ready to move on and just want a great cat that doesn't look like him at all.... from Ginger Tabby to Black and white?!

When we arrived at ASH and turned the corner into the cattery out came this little paw looking for attention, for Derek it was love at first sight. He was spayed on Tuesday and all ours today.

Please meet Sir Arthur:

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