Saturday, 11 November 2006

What's Paris Got On Me!

So Derek is a lucky guy. He does a good job and works hard for Carphone Warehouse. However there are a couple of perks to his job and being assistant manages really has it's benefits when you work for the shop in the centre of town in the middle of the action. One of these perks involves meeting famous people, and Derek has been having a good year (although I was the one who saw Pamela Anderson and Liz Hurley and not him, but that's another story for another day!)
Brendan Gleeson:
Brendan Gleeson is a famous Irish Actor, seen in such films as: Harry Potter (Mad Eyed Moody), among a long list of other credits which can be found here, I'm sure regardless of your taste in film you'll recognize him from somewhere. Anyhow, Brendan Gleeson is a fan of Carphone warehouse and of mobile phones, much like many other people in the part of the world. He came onto the shop looking for a couple of gifts for his nearest and dearest... IPODS! and he bought not one, not two but four of the popular little music players. Unfortunately Derek really doesn't get much of a commission for selling the apple million dollar babies but he did make out with one little thing... his signature, Mr. Gleeson did pay for the purchase by credit card so Derek just blocked out the private information and photo copied the signature.

David 'the hoff' Hasselhoff:
So Mr. Hasselhoff doesn't really travel prepared, perhaps this is his fault or that of his PA who both came into the store as the Hoff's phone was dead and he was unable to charge it without a working charger either because he left his at home or, like probably some american's thought the world revolved around them and no one else had different plugs and you'd be able to plug your american plug into any socket... this is about the get dirty so I'm going to drop it there before I offend even myself.
Anyhow, the Hoff, an owner of the Motorola V3 needed a charger and he was one his way, although I think Derek actually got away with calling him 'Dave' and chatting him up about the country and found out his travel plans and that he was in town for a book signing and the off to London.
I'm quite sure he's in no rush to leave Europe as he's like the biggest celebrity here, and with his new internet commercials out, it looks like he's got the fantastic ability to laugh at himself so, Dave, you're welcome here anytime!

Paris Hilton:
Paris, Paris, Paris... what can you even say about the girl. Someone famous for being rich, a girl who really amounts to nothing and does nothing for the world she lives in, but I guess someone has to be the punchline for the jokes in the world and Paris is the punchline of this chapter. She's in Dublin to launch her new fragrance at the BT2 store on Grafton Street right next to Carphone Warehouse. She's in town for the one 'performance' and she's getting paid 20 thousand just for that!
Anyhow, so she's in town to meet and greet her fans and it's insane on the street with the screaming girls and (mostly) gay men looking for a glimpse of the girl who does nothing. Because of this interruption, Derek gets invited (as the store's manager that day) to meet the Heiress. So off he goes, and in good old Derek fashion he gets up to the front of the line, gives her a smile and asks her out for a drink tonight??? I mean, what? excuse me? But being the ever popular and jet setting girl, she politely declines and says she's off to (God I so want to say Paris here...) London and that it's too bad because she would have loved to!
So Derek leaves, big cheeky grin on his face, a signed personalized photo of her, a copy of her CD (anyone want it?) And the tackiest watch I've ever seen, which as soon as I put it on I couldn't stop saying how 'hot' I thought it was. Perhaps there's a little Heiress in us all.
The punchline: she's not even staying at the Hilton here... what they didn't even want her???

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