Thursday, 29 December 2005

Prologue: Setting The Stage

Left behind: Well most importantly left behind was my family and friends, although I feel I had their full support for making the move and changing my life. Leaving was hard, airports have not become my favorite place and they mean change and taking a risk. This is a big one. I have left my job, granted I have taken a leave of absence so if things don't work out I can go back, my position in the hierarchy system of the hospital is safe. I have handed over the keys and belongings of my apartment to my sister, a bit coincidental how things worked out that when I was ready to leave she was coming home. So while I was looking to find something to do with my things, Katherine is looking for the exact same things! Perhaps it wasn't a coincidence... just a thought. I also think I should mention that I have left behind the winter, the freezing chill you to the bones can't get warm again cold is just about to arrive in Montreal and I'll have left that behind! Although I will miss the snow, I'm not sure I want it if it means the minus 30 degrees temperatures!
Looking forward: So I set out on my journey, I take what has to be the biggest risk of my life, I try not to look back and instead look forward to what ever there is in store for me. I think the most important thing is I think if I didn't make the move, pack things up and try out something new, this would be the biggest regret of my life and in an effort to have no regrets I'll take on the challenge and see what's in store for me.

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